Monday, April 25, 2011

An unusual Easter for us. However, fun. Shopped for a new washer/dryer.
We shared our memories of past holidays and how they seem to have changed for us, as we drove around the town searching for a new washer/dryer.

We landed at Lowe's, where I finally decided on a set. What an overwhelming selection! Do we get; top load, front load, electric, gas, color, size, stackable, side-by-side? Whew!

At the checkout counter, the young man, who was apparently feeling the holiday change too said, "Seems no one takes holidays serious anymore." His take was expressed based on my question about the opening/closing hours for the day. "We'll be open until 6:00 P.M."

Is there less focus on holidays than in the past? Memory tells me that when we were young children holidays were THE most important events in our lives. Also, I recall that most stores were closed or if open, had very minimal hours. We would lavish our time together and any thought about shopping would be dismissed by the reminder that the stores would be closed for the holiday.

Thank goodness for memories though, they get us through. We can pull them from our reserve brain categories and share with others, who will no doubt, have some of their own. Once again, it ties our apron strings together.

I selected a front load washer because I've never had one before and wanted the experience. This particular model was chosen partly because of the smooth curves and bubble design (yes, cute is important to me). However, the list of features and functions are impressive enough to suit our needs too. Energy efficient! That was a must have. I'm looking forward to delivery and my first wash 'n dry.

Well, just like shopping for an appliance on Easter Sunday was new, last year we had a family brunch and later the earth shook...truly. We had a pretty good sized earthquake!

No shakin' this year though! Well, maybe except for shaking down the calories (Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing) we'd eaten.

Holidays are certainly whatever we make them. Just enjoy what was, and what is.

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