Monday, April 18, 2011


Volume 1
A fan of the Stampington & Company publications, when I learned about the first issue of Apronology I gasped with excitement!  "Tell obsession has just been validated!"   I immediately signed up for the issue to hit my front porch as soon as possible.  

When it arrived, I caressed the pages as I carefully perused each one.  "Wow!  This is exciting!  This is wonderful to see all of the apron lovers and designers who are keeping the craft of sewing alive, as well as the nostalgia of the apron."  I took it to work the next day to allow those who wondered about my sanity (as an apron-obsessed), to show that I was not alone.  I felt like I was back in elementary school and it was that joyous day of Show and Tell.  

The first issue is now sold out, yet there have been two more since published that are just as entertaining for the apron lover and crafter in general.  

Volume 2
Apronology requests apron subnissions in every issue and I've promised myself that I'd submit a special apron.  This time I'm going for it!  I've got the fabric selected (of course I'll probably change my mind at least once) and I have until September to submit my apron according to the guidelines.Can my creation sit proudly along with the other brilliant designs?  Don't know, but looking forward to the challenge.  It'll just be big fun.  I'll let you know how things progress, and if you make aprons too, share your love with me and if you haven't already submitted an apron to Apronology, consider it.  We can share our journey.

Volume 3

Check out all of the other wonderful publications produced by Stampington & Company.  If you're a crafter of any sort, I bet you'll find at least one you'll love.

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