Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It was in my hands!  I placed it gently on the counter (so I thought), made one slight turn and it was on the floor... shattered into pieces.  A lovely vintage "frog" vase in a delicate yellow ceramic.

Searching thrift shops, swap meets, ebay and more, still have not placed such a treasure in my hands again.  However, would it be safe there?

Vintage flower frog vases were creatively designed to help with floral arranging. Sure, there are some modern utilitarian designs available, but they don't compare to those that might have been designed in the 1940s.  
Today, I found this frog on and I've placed an offer.  It's only the frog, and would fit atop a vase but not like the one I adored.  It would certainly fit well within my decor.  Wish me luck!

If you are a collector of vintage ceramic vases and have seen a full frog vase, will you clue me in?   Sure would rrribet for it.  Thanks

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