Monday, April 11, 2011

A Fabric Stash Gone Wild

A garment designer, crafter or fabric lover looks at fabric and sees possibilities. For years, I saw possibility in every piece of fabric that crossed my path...and for the most part, I bought it. I've collected enough fabric to seriously open a fabric store. My fabrics traveled with me from California to DC, to Louisiana, to Virginia and back to California.

Now that I've placed my focus on aprons and anything that resembles an apron, all of the other fabric is still and lonely. So I finally got the courage to donate loads of it to my local chapter of the American Sewing Guild. Wow! What a revelation and fabric hoarder's relief. Yes, I said the "H" word.

One day, I walked into one of the rooms that we'd dedicated to hold some of my fabric and I actually began to cry. "Who needs all of this fabric?" Where was I? I was lost in dreams...dreams of  "one day" and didn't even realize it.

Sew, it's done! Still a lovely stash, but no more excess yardage. Now my donated fabrics will be used for the dreams and possibilities that others see. Whew!

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