Thursday, April 28, 2011


During a brisk power walk through the park today, I came across a hopscotch drawing in the mist of the morning's dew. I loved it! If I could have just seen my iPOD, I would have taken a photo. This photo was found on the Internet.

Not only did childhood memories surface, but I loved how imperfect the drawing was. This one's just a little too perfect for this intended analogy. I imagined the young ones who'd drawn it, and saw them playing the game. What carefree lives... where the most important decision at the moment was how to balance on one foot while remaining within the lines.

I stood there and stared at the crooked lines and considered the task. I would have jumped it, except I was simply in awe of it. I wanted it to remain the way I saw it. I imagined the final game and didn't want to disturb the replay in my mind's movie. The one where they negotiated turns, and then hurried to get through the final jump just before being called into the house for dinner.

I saw my little girl self. The three-braided girl who lives within me.

So carefree and open to what life held for her. Today it all seems it was so important, yet still so unimportant. It was really just about the fun of it all.

As I walked beyond this art piece, I compared that life to today's. Sometimes still wondering if I can balance on one foot without going outside of the designated lines. Although, I admit that I often make the decision to intentionally jump outside of the lines, or just tap one with my foot to see what'll happen. Ha! Chances...

So within the mist, I grabbed hold to my memories, smiled and took a deep breath, picked up the pace, and exhaled for the journey I've taken thus far. Still balancing, sometimes stepping on the lines. And, sometimes taking a great big jump outside the lines. Just JUMP!

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