Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Tradition and The Last Easter Bunny

What's your Easter tradition? Please share...

Every holiday my father was sure to give my mother and me a stuffed animal, candy, cards, flowers, etc. Once he had passed on, I promised myself to keep up that tradition with my mother. So every holiday's tradition must include a gift and a card for my mother. We were the only two females in the family and I guess my father thought it was only appropriate to treat us a little bit more special. Although treating others special was truly his forte.

The last Easter present that I recall from my father was a massive, standing Easter Bunny that he'd carefully placed directly in front of my bed so it would be the first thing I'd see on Easter Sunday.

I recall waking up and smiling, and feeling so full of joy in the knowing that this was yet another loving gift from my daddy. I grabbed it and took it to the kitchen to say thank you, and to see what my mother got. There I'd find my father in his favorite place and cooking another whopper of a breakfast for his family. The aroma of a big breakfast, and an even bigger dinner would always linger throughout the holiday.

One thing tradition can do for us is keep us rooted in family, whatever that might mean for us. I'm thankful that the traditions that my parents passed along to us, bring happy memories and a sense of sharing with, and caring for, others. Sometimes it is a chore to keep up with tradition, I must admit. However, I'm usually happy that I'd kept up with what I've learned.

Our family is now separated by distance and that makes my immediate family my mother, my sweetie and myself. I do my best to keep things festive for the three of us.

So on this rainy Easter Sunday (don't recall ever having one of those before), we three have shared a prayer, eaten a big breakfast, laughed and gifted my mother with an Easter card and blooming Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily).

Later we'll gather around the table again for another prayer and another massive meal....Yup! We eat lots.

So no matter what you've defined as your tradition, find the joy in it and appreciate that it exists. Keeping tradition alive is important to the basic of our life's needs, no matter how challenging it may sometimes be to keep them alive.

Happy Easter to you all!

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