Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning Giveaway!

(1st 15 Followers Are Eligible)

This fun Spring Cleaning apron is going to one of the first 15 new followers of
Puddin' Dreams 'n Apron Seams.
Follow and you could be the one to have this apron,
along with a matching gift, shipped to your home.
Deadline to Enter is Friday, April 22nd, 11:00PM


  1. You are a truly inspiring woman, with so many creative domestic talents your work !

    Jane ( Australia )

  2. So sweet of you Jane. Thank you!

  3. You are such an incredible talent. I am still loving (seriously) my denim apron. You also have inspired me to do more with my own talents....thanks!

  4. Wonderful! Go do your thing Linda! :D

  5. I'm a follower! What talent you have!
    fastkat at gmail dot com

  6. I love that print, what a perfect cleaning apron! If I win it, I'm seriously considering giving it to my friend who cleans houses for a living!

  7. Thanks for the chance! It's adorable!
    gfc follower-jennifer wilson
    jenniferwlsn33 at gmail dot com

  8. I like your halter-style apron.
    How's your contest going? I'm on my second annual Clothespin Apron giveaway and haven't done much to promote it this time around. Being a first time grandma has cut into my apron time. A lot!
    Keep on sewing!