Monday, June 20, 2011

A Treasured Apron Lover's Find

Now sure, there'd be the man I love, our kitties, and family photos among the treasures I'd surely want to save from any disaster. Yet, I have a current heartfelt treasure that just makes me feel sew very, very happy.

Now I proudly include myself among those who believe that you don't save the good stuff! You invite your guests to wipe their hands on your set of matching, painstakingly hand-embroidered hand towels, serve pizza and chips on the good china, play tea party with your niece drinking Kool-Aid from the Swarovski wine glasses, etc.

However, I do wish you'd walk barefoot on the white carpet.

Though I can't even imagine how I was lucky enough to find this precious little set.

They're just perfect! And nope, you've guessed it... I don't dare eat on them. But make an apron of Dupioni silk and vintage lace, and wear it to wash the dishes? You betcha!

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