Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Can You Love 'em Too Much?

Took me days to post it on my website because I was afraid it would sell. The keyboard didn't even get cool before it was in an apron lover's cart. Hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it and later, just looking at it.

If you have a craft that you love, I know you get what I'm saying. You purchase supplies that make you want to get to work on them. Every piece of the sewer's stash has been carefully selected because he or she had a connection with it. Sometimes a purchase is made with the consumer in mind, but most often because the piece(s) give you a good feeling. You want to be a part of the creative process. If you're in the business of sharing with others, you just hope someone will love it too.

Aprons are sew much fun! And I'll say it've gotta think outside of the kitchen to add to the joy of wearing an apron.

Guess for this fabric, I'll have to make one like it for myself. Don't you just adore a cute apron?

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