Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cobbler and Smock Aprons

A design not so easy to find these days, is the adored Cobbler Apron.  

Also fashioned in an earlier era, it seemed to be the "go to" apron for all day wear.  Two or three large pockets are a must, and when they are in contrast to the bodice of the apron, 
it becomes even more of an eye catcher.  

Full coverage and can be completely closed in the back, one button, or tied.  

I really love this design.  Could it be the large pockets?  You can find me strutting mine outdoors.  I love to wear them to places like amusement parks, swap meets, quick grocery store runs...okay, all of the time.  Especially when I know that extra pockets will be helpful because I'm opting out of carrying a handbag.  Pop on a tank underneath and you're ready for a day of comfort, and practicality rolled into one retro apron.   

I've added a few and will be creating more.

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