Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"I Don't Really Wear Aprons..."

"I don't really wear aprons, but I do have a collection of them."  That's what she said as she grabbed this one to add to her collection.

What is it about these domestic garments?  
I think you know....they're nostalgic, creative garments that look adorable on you, and often remind you of a time we've left behind.  Not to mention the simple practical appropriateness of an apron. 

Yet, it appears we have chosen to recreate that time seemingly lost, with this article of clothing that perfectly accompanies the art of cooking a fabulous meal.  The two go together like grits and butter.

I choose to wear an apron when I'm working around the house, and especially in the kitchen, because it just seems the appropriate thing to do.  Feeling I've dressed the part helps make the task a bit more interesting and sometimes even more tolerable.  
There are times I slip into a pair of heels to not only ramp up my cuteness factor, but when I pump up the music volume, an aerobic session is the perfect dopamine level booster!

So, do you actually wear your apron when working, or do you just love that retro look and simply collect aprons?  Do you dare wear your apron outdoors as part of your outfit?  Do you give them as gifts but never wear them yourself? 

 This look is awe-apron inspiring!  
Summer is coming, and I'm dreaming of different designs and ways to wear aprons outside of the kitchen.  If you have a collection of aprons, take a look and consider showing it off outdoors.

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